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Assisting Parks and Recreation Agencies to Realize Their Full Potential for Providing
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National Parks and Recreation Consulting

In a rapidly evolving world, the need for insightful and forward-thinking consulting services has never been greater. As a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in parks, recreation, and open space, I am dedicated to being your trusted analyst.

Dick Horton Consulting


DHC aspires to be recognized as the premiere PREFERRED FUTURE ANALYST in Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Consulting.


The DHC goal is to equip client agencies with the knowledge to make informed decisions that shape their preferred future. This goal is achieved by providing accurate data filtered through key stakeholder and citizens-at-large preferences.

The Dick Horton Consulting Advantage

I have a professional background and extensive experiences that have informed the DHC approach. Clients have noted that my deep understanding of the profession allows me to ask pertinent questions during community engagement and research phases, leading to targeted recommendations for problem-solving and preferred future planning. When comparing consultants, many have found that my ADVANTAGE lies in being one of the very few career park and recreation professionals and consultants in the United States with a unique background:

  • Director of Parks and Recreation for two cities and one county
  • NRPA Regional Director for an eleven-state area in the Midwest and Southwest
  • Certified community planner by the American Planning Association with an AICP designation
  • Certified park and recreation planner (CPRP) by the National Recreation and Park Association.

About Dick Horton Consulting

Dick Horton Consulting (DHC) emerged from my lifelong dedication to the park and recreation profession. Having served as a Director of Parks and Recreation in three states and as a Regional Director for the National Recreation and Park Association, I founded this consulting company to work closely with park and recreation agencies. Together, my team and I aim to uncover their preferred future and position their agency to maximize the environmental, social, and economic benefits that park systems can provide.

Dick Horton Consulting


Awards and Certifications

Dick Horton Consulting
Dick Horton Consulting
Dick Horton Consulting
Dick Horton Consulting