Discover how Dick Horton Consulting leverages technology and years of expertise to empower agencies in delivering optimal services to their communities.

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Geographic Assessment of Park Systems (GAPS)

Over two decades ago, Dick Horton Consulting embraced ArcGIS Technology as a pivotal tool for evaluating park systems. This approach involves analyzing specific GAPS data, including the rating of individual park amenities, overall assessments of each park, demographic and psychographic profiles surrounding each area, and the health benefits associated with both individual parks and the entire system.

Pricing & Cost Recovery

For park and recreation agencies that haven't established their pricing and cost recovery strategies, we will collaborate with you to pinpoint your program costs, identify the beneficiaries of your agency's programs, and determine the percentage of costs you should aim to recover.

Increased Funding Strategy

Should your agency require additional funding, I can assist you by evaluating your current standing within the community in comparison to other municipal departments, along with an assessment of the funding allocation. This evaluation often leads to tangible, psychological, or competitive changes that positively impact your agency's funding level.

Level of Service (LOS)

We have designed an approach that empowers all agencies to ascertain the appropriate level of service for their community. This adaptable framework suits communities of all sizes and resource capacities.

Funding Options

We have curated an extensive repertoire of funding options, categorized into five distinct groups. Regardless of size, there are practical funding options available for all agencies. Establishing earned income beyond reliance on a community's general fund is always a strategic move.

Consensus Building

Thriving communities are adept at achieving consensus on matters of significance. As a facilitator of the community engagement process, we often employ consensus-building tools that encourage participants to focus on their influence on an issue and the degree to which their agency is invested in it.

Dick Horton Consulting