Is your agency driven by a strong Vision Statement?

If you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you have arrived? As a community-leading agency, your citizens are starving for the special events, programs, and greenspaces that they describe as the reasons they love your community. We know this is true because of statistically valid data in a Gallup Poll. To create and embrace your agency’s vision, I strongly encourage you to use this approach:

  1. Invite key community stakeholders into a series of conversations
  2. Facilitate conversations on these topics:
    • History of your agency
    • Values that your agency feels the most strongly about
    • Internal strengths and weaknesses of your agency
    • External opportunities and threats that you need to be aware of
    • Evaluate international, national, regional, and local trends and their impact on your community
    • Develop a list of key issues that are affecting your community and ways your agency can be involved in addressing those issues
    • Develop a list of priorities that your agency should allocate its resources toward
    • Create a Vision Statement and always commit to it
Dick Horton Consulting